Bringing Change through Radio Waves in AJK

Radio is an effective medium of communication in difficult to reach areas of AJK. Perhaps, in some areas, it is the only means of communication available to local people.

WWOP has been using the radio waves effectively in the past for mobilization and information of local communities.

To inform and educate local communities about barriers to women equality and promote gender – inclusive economy growth and development, a large-scale awareness raising campaign is underway through radio spots and radio talk shows.

WWOP team has developed many radio spots, providing listeners with information about the project and issues related to women’s economic engagement at large.

Twelve times in a day, these messages were aired throughout AJK for months. Through these messages, many women also learnt about upcoming training in their area, addresses of local public officials and departments and systems to get support.

Radio Talk Shows Aired

For deeper perspectives, WWOP is inviting a large number of civil society activists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and government officials in a specially designed talk show series on AJK FM.

These shows helped the listeners in developing positive opinions about situation of women in AJK and their possible roles for finding solutions.

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