Credit and Enterprise development

WWO extends small loans under its microfinance program to the poor and marginalized segments of society with special focus on women for their economic uplift. This microfinance services aims to provide the people who are living in abject poverty and do not qualify for loans from the banks. This program of WWO proved to be a great success because of its easy access to loans, simple procedures and low interest rates as compared to other lending institutions. This intervention supported local people transforming into small business entrepreneurs. The other component of the microfinance program is to establish a culture of saving in the communities, build household asset based coupled with building their capacities through vocational training program. As a result of WWO’s facilitation and PPAF’s support in microfinance, small entrepreneurs have greater returns after covering all the costs than any lending institutions. It can be termed as a great success of WWO which was only possible with inexhaustible efforts micro credit teams, A sum of Rs. 2,500,00 has been disbursed to clients of the area in 2007.

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